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What Campus Party 2022 left us?

Between Thursday, March 31, and Saturday, April 2, we enjoyed participating in the Campus Party 2022 event held at the Convention Center in Punta del Este, Uruguay.
This event takes place every year in different parts of the world; an important meeting focused on technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
It was an experience we were looking forward to, reinforced by the pleasure of being back in person, having the possibility of direct exchange, and participating in the talks after two years of the pandemic.
This year the event had two simultaneous stages. High-quality presentations were given throughout the three days and five workshop rooms where different companies and universities presented workshops with a practical approach.
On this occasion, an event area was dedicated explicitly to different innovation ventures to promote their products and services.
We could also enjoy the traditional games and attraction stands where different activities could be developed, from testing virtual reality devices, interacting with robots, playing video games, or trying other devices and smartphones.
Presentations and activities mainly oriented to cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and its decentralization. In addition, some artificial intelligence contents and many concepts and techniques for the metaverse.
Unlike the 2019 edition, this time we found one less stage; that space was dedicated to more activities oriented to the connection between young people and technology, focused on recruiting resources and students and areas for video games.
One of the main trends was the arrival of the metaverse and the wide range of business and job opportunities that this will generate.
Another aspect emphasizes the momentum of cryptocurrencies and the generalization of their use as a payment way or investment.

Finally, and looking forward, we enjoyed some talks and workshops dedicated to showing us the current state of the art of quantum computing, the efforts and investments to develop it, and the enormous impact that its development will have on all humanity.

In a sentence, an ideal opportunity to share with friends, learn, listen, meet amazing people and keep surfing on the cutting edge of technology.