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We are passionate and proactive in investigation and innovation, we look forward to connect the needs of our clients with the solutions and resources available for the creation of ideas and projects.

If you have an innovative idea and need a partner for technological development,
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Foto de Marcelo Medina

Marcelo Medina

Commercial and Product
System Analyst - Project Manager

Responsible for the Commercial Area, Product and AWS Infrastructure.

Systems Analyst graduated from Universitario Autónomo del Sur, Project Management, IT Consultant, he is the one who sets the quality standard in KreiLabs products and our main link with the world.

Foto de Gabriel Naya

Gabriel Naya

Systems Analyst - Project Manager

Responsible for the Development area.

Social Educator, Computer Architect, Java Spring developer, Python, StartBasic, Solidity. Project Management and the list goes on, a phenomenon.

It is KreiLabs' production engine.

Germán Techera

Network and Software Technician

Responsible for HelpDesk.

Network and Software Technician, PHP developer. Graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico de Informática as Network and Software Technician. He has more than 15 years of experience in enterprise software implementation and user support.


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