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Kreilabs start up

Kreilabs is then entrepreneurship that puts us on the path of technological innovation, through the development of:


We take contact with advanced technologies, we making projects of different sizes that include the use and development of emerging technologies, help us to understand their potential and take it to people using business or social projects as channels.

Technological consulting

Applying our experience and constant search for knowledge, to advise companies that have the need to have our curriculum. The consultancy includes surveys, analysis, diagnostics, project management, realization of ideas, technical advice and extensive contact with professionals that best suit the client’s needs at each stage.

Consultancy in data science and artificial intelligence

We ventured into this specific field, carrying out different works that prepare us professionally for consulting and development of solutions in the area.

Project Manager Consulting

We have an extensive experience in the implementation of software for ERP, factory plants, storage, laboratories and agro-industrial businesses.


It is our area of ​​entrepreneurship, we seek and develop innovative ideas in projects that align with the objectives of KreiLabs, and that lead us to the sustainable development of the company.