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Ignacio Galliazzi at Campus Party

From the typewriter to the metaverse: a world of opportunities for Uruguayan entrepreneurs

We were able to attend a dynamic and emotional presentation by Ignacio Galliazzi at Campus Party 2022; taking note of exciting concepts about the opportunities for entrepreneurs abroad.
In a journey full of experiences, Ignacio takes away the almost exclusive focus of exports to the US to encourage us to explore intermediate markets of great potentials, such as the beautiful city of Lima, Peru.
Lima stands out as a city full of opportunities, so many that they manage to exceed the supply of technology companies available, often having to resort to the acquisition of IT services in other countries.
To place our technological products in any market requires an adaptation process -for example, three-week planning in the city- to study and analyze the situation and obtain the necessary trust from both parties in this type of activity. The potential for new acquisitions of comprehensive technological solutions in Lima is significant. It enables opportunities for direct access to the person in charge of acquiring the products and services, increasing the likelihood of conversion.
Finally, Uruguay’s privileged position in IT, with high levels of technology to respond to the needs of a growing and demanding market, stands out.