Raúl Alvarez

Welcome Raúl Alvarez!

The Kreilabs team welcomes Raúl Alvarez in February 2021. Raul is a Computer Engineer graduated in 2017, he defines himself as passionate about software development and arrives to strengthen our team. We are very excited about his incorporation and grateful …

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Machine Learning

What is beyond our model?

We explore an architecture for a complete software solution: deploy a Python model, from the user interface to the connection with the model and obtaining the results. Background For a long time and especially in our exploration stage in the …

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Welcome Cerro Chapeu!

Throughout 2020 we have worked together with Bodegas Cerro Chapeu in the implementation of Odoo as a management system incorporating the following modules: accounting, electronic invoicing, orders, sales, customers and stock. In this project we have migrated their actual dataset …

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Data quality impact on the dataset

The quality of that dataset is directly related to the organization that manufactures it and how that organization works on data quality.
The sustainability of our model could also be related to the quality of data in the organization.
Beyond data engineering, the accuracy of the model itself, and the performance in its production, if the organization it serves does not have data quality as a priority, probably the model will not be sustained over time.

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Image Labeling

We explore platform.ai for image labeling, clustering, and eventually create a model into the tool for the full tag dataset. Link to the full text   Photo by Martin Bargl on Unsplash

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